What is KingSwap?

👑KingSwap is the newest DeFi liquidity pool platform that is an improvement over, and an evolution of UniSwap. In addition to offering off-ramp fiat currency converting solutions, KingSwap has added some new Blockchain community-oriented features to UniSwap’s core design, which will help provide user-friendly real-time benefits in terms of price curves and contributor rewards.

We are also a legal and corporate entity running the project with a recognized token issuer, instead of a totally decentralized DAO. Our protocol design aligns incentives for the users through revenue-sharing and network effects. There will also be a migration of governance into a foundation after the liquidity pool migration event.

You might be thinking..’I don’t have much to invest with what I have” Think again

Source: https://cryptopotato.com/defi-flashloands-how-someone-made-16000-with-zero-investment/

Using a flash loan, the investor was able to successfully profit without even investing anything except a small amount of a few tens of dollars on transaction fees! DeFi flash loans are basically a decentralized technology where investors can borrow assets without having to provide ANY collateral as long as they repay the full transaction's assets within the same block (10-19 seconds), and tech-savvy enthusiasts are using these possibilities to arbitrage for substantial profits with no risk except some small transaction and admin fees.

So why haven't you started investing yet?

Taking the first step to invest here with our 4 packages ( ):

Noble Squire

USD 100

Valiant Knight

USD 500

Dazzling Queen

USD 2,000

Exclusive King

USD 10,000

Noble Squire (Basic Tier Package)
For beginners who want to start out with an affordable package. Those who purchase this package with US$100 will be able to earn 1% returns monthly from the amount they put in. This package is to allow users to put in a small amount to try out investing in KingSwap. They will have the first hand experience of changing their cash to cryptocurrencies and owning their very own BTC and $King Tokens, and also enjoy profits without needing any technical knowledge as returns are generated automatically by the KingSwap platform.

So the higher the packages tiers, the MORE interest you will be earning = HIGHER REWARDS !

Are you putting all your money in the traditional banks and waiting for the interest to grow like a sitting duck?
Putting money in your bank doesn’t give you interest as high as KingSwap!

So what are you waiting for?

To learn more about KingSwap, join the KingSwap Telegram group or follow the project on Twitter.

Start your crypto journey with KingSwap!